Designing healthier smarter and more sustainable homes

Interiors & Passive
House Design

At Dieppe Design, we exist to create exceptional and ethical sanctuaries.

We believe that within these walls there’s the potential to
create your personal haven. Where you can feel safe and
sound, where you can be your true self, where you can soak up the Great Indoors, without impacting the Great Outdoor.

If we are playing a part in developing this planet we live on, we want to ensure the houses we design look good, feel good and work good.

We’re a family-run architecture and interiors firm on a mission to build smarter, healthier and more sustainable homes.

As a certified Passive House Architecture firm, we design unique, eco-friendly and effective houses.

To build our own sanctuaries, we must connect with the country around us. We are here not to take, but borrow with care.

We seek to work with contractors who share our ethos,
who genuinely do better for our environment and communities.

Together we can take your vision to turn-key, producing an abode you’ll love – and last, leaving a legacy for generations to come.